About MG

A British Icon

For the better part of a century, the MG badge has been synonymous with cars that excite, inspire, and are a delight to drive. From the first Super Sports model that was produced in the UK in 1924, up to today's modern, global releases, MG vehicles tap into the natural joy that comes with driving.

Modern Engineering and Technology

MG today is experiencing a renaissance. It is reborn and stands tall in the global market with the backing of one of the world’s largest car manufacturers and exporters, which also happens to be a top-ranked Fortune 500 company.

Today, more people can enjoy this heritage brand without having to worry about high sticker prices or problems with parts of aftermarket services.

Driving and Safety Tech Come Standard. From the intuitive MG iLink infotainment system to Apple CarPlay™, and including safety features such as Anti-Lock Brakes, Stability, and Traction Control, and other passive safety measures, driving a modern MG is made convenient, safe, natural, and fun.