Apr 03, 2020

To our MG Philippines Community,

We find ourselves in the midst of a global crisis that does not recognize borders or personal
circumstance. With the entire world affected by the health crisis brought about by COVID-19,
we continue to pray for you and your family’s well-being and hope that you are all staying

During these extraordinary times, we join the collective efforts to control and stop this
pandemic and are one with all of you with faith and a positive mindset. We extend our sincere
appreciation to all the front liners whose work has secured the safety of our families and
communities. Our company has rolled out programs which aim to assist and mitigate the
difficulties encountered by our MG community and we will extend our reach further as soon
as our regular mobility is accordingly restored.

It is in the spirit of solidarity that we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve you,
our valued MG Philippines community. We would like to take this opportunity to assure you
that though our opportunity to have face-to-face transactions may be limited at this time as
we comply with the regulations of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), we remain
committed to be at your service.

While our different internal service groups have adopted a work from home scheme, MG
Philippines’ communication channels remain open to serve you. These include our 24/7
customer service hotline at (02) 5328-4664, our website, which
is manned by a very responsive team of MG Philippines stewards, and the mobile My MG App
which allows you to send in queries and interact with our team from the convenience of your
smartphone. Periodic maintenance services (PMS) have also been rescheduled for MG
Philippines clients, without worry of voiding vehicle warranties during this period of limited
mobility. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we are here to assist you.

This unique working situation has also given us time to regroup and develop our various
business strategies and programs and we are excited to implement these when the ECQ is
lifted. We have implemented new operational protocols in our company and within our
dealerships and upgraded safety and health standards in all our workplaces, with the support
and cooperation of all our dealer partners. We look forward to adapting MG Philippines’
business processes to fit in seamlessly with new public expectations and an updated set of
demands following this global crisis.

As always, we are grateful for the trust you have given us at MG Philippines. We are coming
from a breakthrough year in 2019 because of all the support you have shown. And we will be
steadfast to return that trust with our commitment to provide you with an impeccable ownership
experience from MG Philippines.

We join you and the rest of the country in prayer for God’s mercy, healing and protection.
And may we all remain calm and confident, focused that we will all move forward to brighter
days ahead.

In behalf of The Covenant Car Company, Inc. - MG Philippines.

Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla
President and CEO
MG Philippines

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